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How sustainable is your company?

The Intelligent Sustainability Benchmarking Toolkit is aimed at any organisation, small or large that wants to understand its current sustainability performance.

The tool will score your organisation’s sustainability strategy and compare it to leading organisations and others in your industry.

Answer 15 questions (it takes less than 3 minutes) and instantly receive a score, sustainability benchmark and recommendations for improvements.

Why is sustainability benchmarking useful?


The sustainability landscape is continually evolving. It’s important for companies to understand how they are currently performing regarding environmental, social and governance issues.


Benchmarking allows companies to assess how they are performing against their peers and in their industry sector.


Sustainability benchmarking can allow companies to see if they are doing enough and help find areas they need to improve when it comes to sustainability.

Frequently asked questions

What methodology does the Intelligent Sustainability Benchmarking Tool use?

We used our knowledge of sustainability best practice, gained through six years of insight gathered from Carbon Clear’s research into the Sustainability Reporting Performance of the FTSE 100. As well as years of industry experience to create the benchmarking questions.

Against which companies is my sustainability strategy industry benchmarked?

We have developed an industry sustainability benchmark by scoring a range of companies in each sector based on public information. Overtime, more companies from each sector will use the tool and the benchmark database will increase.

How can I improve my Intelligent Sustainability score?

The toolkit will make recommendations on how you can improve your sustainability strategy based on how you answer each question. You can always contact Carbon Clear for a chat about the options available too.

What if my score doesn't accurately reflect my sustainability strategy?

We have tried our best to incorporate a range of questions that are applicable to companies on any stage of their journey towards intelligent sustainability. However, we know better than anyone that no two businesses are the same. If you feel like your score isn’t an accurate representation, get in touch as we would love your feedback.

Which company is the most sustainable?

BT Group topped the Sustainability Reporting Performance of the FTSE 100 league table in 2016 followed closely by Marks & Spencer’s and Unilever. Sustainability is an ever-evolving landscape, so watch this space for who ranks number one in 2017.

How can companies that don’t score highly improve their sustainability credentials?

All companies are different and depending on the industry businesses operate in, sustainability challenges can be very different too. We know that this is the case. But we also believe that there is a set of activities all companies can think about when addressing sustainability. Find out more here.